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VEX V5 Workcell Storage Rack (276-8241)

VEX V5 Workcell Storage Rack

Sale price$699.99 CAD
  • Compatible with
    • Compatible with VEX V5 products and accessories
    products and accessories.

    Prevent disorganized robotics classrooms

    • Perfect for storing your Workcell kits or other VEX parts
    • Steel counter top works as a robust classroom work surface
    • Fold-down laptop shelf included
    • 3 sets of rails designed to hold up to 6 VEX storage bins
    • 1 shelf provides additional storage and customization
    • Rails allow bins to easily slide in and out of the rack

    Locking casters provide the rack with added mobility for quick classroom reconfiguration

    • Uses VEX hole patterns throughout the rack align with V5 and IQ parts for creative solutions
    • Shelves and rails can be adjusted in 2" increments
    • Shelf's tie down points allow customization like mounting battery chargers

    Note: The Workcell Storage Kit is NOT included with the Workcell Storage Rack and must be purchased separately.

    Add Workcell Storage KitSKU#: 276-7899