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WCP DS - 3 CIM Dual Speed Base Kit (217-3637)

WCP DS - 3 CIM Dual Speed Base Kit

Sale price$337.99 CAD

WCP DS - 3 CIM Dual Speed Base Kit

  • (1) 60t Dog Gear
  • (1) 42t Gear with 3/8" Hex
  • (1) 30t Gear with 1/2" Hex
  • (1) 14t Gear with 3/8" Hex bore (Steel)
  • (2) WCP DS - 3 CIM Gearbox Plate
  • (1) WCP DS - Standard Input Shaft
  • (1) WCP DS - Standard Output Shaft
  • (1) WCP DS - 3 CIM Combiner Shaft
  • (1) WCP DS - 3 CIM Gearbox Plate
  • (1) WCP DS - Shifter Rod
  • (1) WCP DS - Hardware Kit
  • (1) WCP DS Pneumatic Hardware Kit
  • (1) WCP DS - Dual Speed Bearing Kit
  • (2) WCP DS - Standard Bottom Spacers
  • (1) WCP DS - Shim - .501" ID x .750" OD
  • (1) 1/2" Acetal Spacer - 1/2" Hex (10-pack)
  • (2) 1/8" Acetal Spacer - 3/8" Hex (10-pack)
  • (1) 1/16" Acetal Spacer - 3/8" Hex (10-pack)
  • (1) 1/8" Acetal Spacer - 1/2" Hex (10-pack)

  • The West Coast Products DS Gearbox is the lightest Dog-Style shifting gearbox on the market. Like all West Coast Products items this gearbox is easily adaptable into a West-Coast style drivetrain, or into a conventional skid steer drivetrain.

    The Dog itself has been modified, it is now made from solid 4140 steel, and is about 50% thicker across its thinnest cross-section. These changes make the new DOG extremely strong, and allows teams to drill out the DOG, for a roll pin, if desired.

    DS Gearbox has multiple CIM motor mounting positions to allow for different sized pinions. There are now 4 possible pinion options, 2 possible input gear options, and 3 standard gear kits. This gives a total of 18 ratio options for the DS Gearbox. (Additional non-standard ratios are possible using other VEXpro gears.)

    We know more and more teams are trying to harness their drivetrain motors for other mechanisms, and as such we want to make it easy for teams to integrate a PTO into their robot. The WCP engineers got the chance to design their first item utilizing the VEXpro VersaKeys —the VersaDog. Using the VersaDog, teams can utilize any VEXpro gear, sprocket, or pulley to power their additional mechanisms.

    • Options for either two or three CIM-style motor inputs
    • Standard output or specializedspecialised West Coast Drive Mounting (includes WCD bearing block)
    • Extended length output shaft can be cut by teams to match their configuration
    • Mount to VersaChassis & direct drive any WCP or VEXpro wheel