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VIQC 2022 - 2023 Full Field Game Element Kit  - Slapshot (228-7506)

VIQC 2022 - 2023 Full Field Game Element Kit - Slapshot

Sale price$179.99 CAD

All the Field Elements & Game Objects needed to build a complete 2022 - 2023 VIQC field. One Full Field Set.

Note: VEX IQ Challenge Field Perimeter & Tiles are not included with this Kit. Must be added separately.

The VEX IQ Challenge provides elementary and middle school students with an exciting challenge and allows competitions at many different levels including the VEX World championships. This yearÕs competition is called Slapshot. The game contains 5 dispensers, 45 disks, 1 fence, and 4 goal zones. The game objects are orange disks. The robots will need to interact with 1 of 3 different types of dispensers to try to release the disks, which will be worth 1 point each. Disks can be scored by launching them under the fence into one of the 4 goal zones.

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