Aged 14 - 17 Years Old

V5 Competition Starter Kit (276-7030)
V5 Competition Starter Kit (276-7030)

V5 Competition Starter Kit

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If you're considering getting started with robotics competitions at your school, district or region, then this is the kit for you. Unlike the V5 Classroom Starter Kit, the V5 Competition Starter Kit includes; lightweight aluminum structural elements and high strength parts so that a team of students can build a bigger, stronger, and faster robot. Similar to the V5 Classroom Starter Kit, this kit ships with the complete V5 control system and includes FREE Coding software (text and block based) and STEM curriculum.

Deploy 1:1 or 1 kit for 2-3 students.

Drive the Interest in STEM Careers with the Experience and thrill of Robotics Competition

Take your robotics program further by participating at VEX EDR (Education Design Robot) competitions through the Robotics Education Competition Foundation (RECF) program. Each spring RECF introduce an engineering challenge in the form of a game. Students then put classroom concepts to the test and take learning into their own hands as they build robots to compete at local competitions hosted by Event Partners (Event Partners are community organizers that host local robotics competition with the assistance of RECF software and web portal). You can find local events by visiting the RECF hosted robotics competition portal There are hundreds of competition events held annually each year. Teams compete on a weekly basis from the fall to spring, with the goal to reach state, provincial championship events with the ultimate goal of qualifying to VEX Worlds, which is hosted by RECF and VEX Robotics each April.

The VEX V5 kits provide students with real world challenges and fun competition. The program is an inclusive environment and proven to increase student engagement and development of teamwork, leadership, communications, and collaboration skills.

How to Start A Robotics Team