Aged 11 - 13 Years Old

VEX IQ Small Classroom Bundles (2nd generation)

VEX IQ Small Classroom Bundles (2nd generation)

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The IQ Classroom Bundles make STEM manageable for teachers and fun for students!

Education Done Right
Classroom Bundles are the perfect solution for individual STEM classrooms. Bundles come in three sizes and include robots, extra parts, and classroom charging.

Curriculum Done Right
Our latest research-backed educational solution is called STEM Labs. These lessons can be accessed individually or in sequential order to create unique, extended-learning experiences. STEM Labs provide you with the flexibility needed to fit your classroom needs while also promoting collaboration and active learning.

Educator Support
VEX STEM Labs will provide the structure and support that teachers are accustomed to getting in their core academic classes. The teacher support materials include rubrics, pacing guides, instructional guides, and more. These materials enable teachers to plan instructions based on their school calendar, classroom schedule, and the needs of their students. This helps novice teachers integrate technology and innovation into their classes and experienced teachers create the classrooms of the future.

STEM Games
Bring the excitement of competition to your classroom with STEM Games. Classroom bundles contain everything you need, including configurable game fields and game objects. STEM Games work closely with STEM Labs to challenge your students to apply their newly developed STEM skills in a friendly and challenging set of robot games.

Learn more about the VEX IQ Education Kit that includes organized storage, IQ electronics, and the construction system.

Learn More about the VEX IQ Competition Kit that includes everything you need to compete in the VEX IQ Competition.