Aged 11 - 13 Years Old

VEX IQ Education Kit (2nd generation) (228-8899)

VEX IQ Education Kit (2nd generation)

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The IQ Education Kit makes STEM manageable for teachers and fun for students! This kit is designed to build a single robot.

See the IQ Classroom Bundles for multiple kits with extras for classrooms.

Organized Storage is a Game Changer
The IQ Education Kit comes packaged in two storage bins. Every part in the kit has its own dedicated location with labels inside each bin, keeping everything organized and easily accessible.

VEX IQ Electronics
The IQ Education Kit comes with everything needed to power, remotely operate, and code your robot. The Robot Brain now includes a color screen. Improvements have been made to the Robot Battery that now provides all-day classroom usage in most situations, the wireless controller that enables operation and testing of robot builds, and the Optical and Distance Sensors that enhance detection capabilities. Even though we have made many improvements to the electronics, IQ is still forwards and backwards compatible with the 1st generation electronics.

VEX IQ Robot Construction System
VEX IQ is based on plastic, snap-together pieces specifically designed to build highly functional robots. This system doesn’t require any prior knowledge in robotics. Students can easily build their first robot, and the wide variety of additional parts means that they can build anything they imagine as they continue to learn. Every kit includes a hand tool to make assembly and disassembly easy for small hands.

Coding Done Right
Code your IQ robot using VEXcode IQ Blocks, C++, and Python. Available for Chromebooks, Tablets, Windows PCs, and Macs.