Aged 7 - 10 Years Old

VEX Go Kit with Storage (269-6705)
VEX Go Kit with Storage (269-6705)

VEX Go Kit with Storage

Sale price$279.99 CAD

VEX GO is an affordable construction system, designed to be a universal supplement for educators teaching STEM fundamentals to 3rd and 4th grade students.

The GO Kit contains all parts and electronics needed to get started! The GO Kit with Storage includes the same parts, pre-sorted into a convenient re-usable carrying case.

For those who are ready to bring VEX GO into your classroom, look no further than the GO Classroom Kit (for 10 students)! This kit includes (5) GO Kits with Storage, two additional bags for carrying the Kits and Field, extra field tiles and walls, spare parts and extra Pin Tools, and a hub for charging multiple batteries at once!

VEX GO was developed alongside our latest research-backed educational solution: STEM Labs. These 40-minute lesson plans (complete with teacher support resources and pacing guides) can be easily adapted to turn any classroom or home learning experience into the best STEM environment possible.

GO Kit with Storage (269-6705)

  • All parts listed in GO Kit
  • (2) Storage Bins
  • (2) Clear Plastic Sorting Trays
  • (2) Part Locator Sheets