Aged 14 - 17 Years Old

VEX CTE Workcell
VEX CTE Workcell
VEX CTE Workcell
VEX CTE Workcell
VEX CTE Workcell

VEX CTE Workcell

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The VEX CTE Workcell kit, designed for Career and Technical Education, is a construction system for a robotic arm, conveyors, and sensors - brought together with our VEXcode coding software.

Workcell acts as a primer, introducing students to manufacturing concepts like construction, palletizing, and coordinate planes to empower the manufacturing workforce of the future with a foundation of understanding.

Curriculum Included:

Course 1 - Introduction to the 6-Axis Arm
Unit 1: Introduction to Robotic Arms
Unit 2: Using the Teach Pendant
Unit 3: Coding Movements
Unit 4: Motion Planning
Unit 5: Absolute vs. Relative Movements
Unit 6: Transporting and Palletizing Objects
Unit 7: Stacking Objects
Unit 8: Pick & Place
Capstone Project: Engineering Design Process

Course 2 - Workcell Automation
Unit 1: Introduction to Workcells
Unit 2: Pick & Place
Unit 3: Sorting by Color
Unit 4: Material Transportation
Unit 5: Loading and Sorting Materials
Unit 6: System Automation
Unit 7: System Integration
Unit 8: Cooperative Systems
Capstone Project: Automated Manufacturing

Additional Courses - To Be Announced