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VersaWheel (3.25" Diamond Tread, 1/2" Hex bore) (217-3238)

VersaWheel (3.25" Diamond Tread, 1/2" Hex bore)

Sale price$9.99 CAD

VersaWheel (3.25" Diamond Tread, 1/2" Hex bore)

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VersaWheels offer superior traction performance while maintaining an accessible price point. The integrated VersaKey pattern allows for the mounting of sprockets or gears on each side of the wheel without additional VersaHubs. VersaWheel DTs come with an optional 1/2" hex bore, which allows for direct-drive of the wheel without any additional hub.

The original VersaWheel uses a custom "W" tread pattern, specially designed to maximize traction on FIRST ® Robotics Competition carpet. The VersaWheel DT's feature an all-new split diamond tread pattern for additional performance and wear-resistance through even the toughest competition.

•Custom "W" tread pattern is specifically designed for FIRST ® Robotics Competition carpet

•VersaWheel DT's feature a diamond tread pattern for greater wear resistance.