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VersaDM Gearbox (Plastic) (217-6342)

VersaDM Gearbox (Plastic)

Sale price$32.99 CAD

VersaDM Gearbox (Plastic)

The VersaDM can be used as a dual motor input for the VersaPlanetary and VersaPlanetary Lite. Unlike the old Dual Motor Input, the VersaDM Gearbox uses a ‘universal motor mounting’ design that allows one mounting pattern to mount RS-550, RS-775 and BAG motors.

It comes in two different styles: an enclosed version with a super lightweight plastic housing, and an open plate version with pocketed aluminum sideplates, similar to West Coast Products gearboxes.

The VersaDM Gearbox allows you to choose between 3 different gear ratios: 1:1, 3.75:1 and 5.33:1. The ability to pick a gear ratio AND be an input to the VersaPlanetary means that you can not only eliminate an entire stage from your VersaPlanetary, but also the input block. This means your VP Gearboxes will be smaller and lighter than ever before.