Chaos V-Ray and Enscape

V-Ray Education Collection - Annual License (Academic Institutions VRAY) 1-Year

V-Ray Education Collection - Annual License (Academic Institutions VRAY) 1-Year


V-Ray Education

With the release of V-Ray 6, we will no longer sell V-Ray for specific host applications. Instead, customers only need to purchase a single V-Ray license to access all V-Ray integrations. Students will be able to purchase V-Ray Education.

The V-Ray Education license is comparable to our previous V-Ray EDU Collection subscription plan and is the best option for all qualifying educational customers — students, educators and educational institutions.

With this license, customers can install V-Ray on any machine and use it with any supported host application.

V-Ray Education also includes a floating license for Chaos companion products, such as Phoenix, Player, Scans, and Vantage. In addition, it includes credits for Chaos Cloud rendering and access to the growing Chaos Cosmos content library.

V-Ray Education floating licenses will be available as annual subscriptions to students, educators, and educational institutions. Three-year subscriptions, with integrated volume discounts, are also available to educational institutions.

The minimum purchasing quantity for new institutions is six licenses.

10 free Chaos Cloud credits are available as part of V-Ray Education to students and educators. Additional credit packages of 50 and 100 Chaos Cloud credits continue to be available to students and educators at a discounted price.

Educational institutions are eligible to purchase a custom package of Chaos Cloud credits with a special educational discount. 

V-Ray Collection is an annual subscription license renewed each year.  It includes access to all the V-Ray products including upgrades and support during the term. This is an education use license, which includes V-Ray for: 3ds Max, V-Ray for Maya, V-Ray for SketchUp, V-Ray for Rhino, V-Ray for Revit, V-Ray for Unreal, V-Ray for Nuke, V-Ray for Houdini, V-Ray for Cinema 4D, Chaos Phoenix for 3ds Max, Chaos Phoenix for Maya, Chaos Scans, Chaos Vantage, Chaos Player 

The products in the V-Ray Collection can work simultaneously on one machine only. Note, since the Collection is a floating license, it can be moved between machines and users as required.

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