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Swept Away Classroom Bundle (278-3333)

Swept Away Classroom Bundle

Sale price$7,499.99 CAD

Bring the magic of competitive robotics into your classroom with one purchase.

This discounted, turn-key "super bundle" allows you to implement a STEM program into your class in one easy step. It includes everything you need to build six robots and the Swept Away field and game object set - $300 in savings!

Includes (6) Classroom & Competition Mechatronics Kits and (1) Swept Away Field Kit.

  • (6) Clawbot Robot Kits (4 motors included)

  • (6) VEXnet System Bundles

  • (6) Additional 2-Wire Motor 393

  • (6) Robot Battery, Joystick Batteries and Chargers

  • (6) Mechatronics Add-On Kit (1 motor, 2 sensors included)

  • (1) Swept Away Field Kit (field perimeter and game objects)

Add your choice of programming software. Choose from easyC V4 for Cortex or ROBOTC for Cortex & PIC.

Bring Competition into the Classroom

VEX robots are extremely engaging to begin with, but when a competitive component is added to a robotics program, the results can be astounding. Students become even more motivated, creative, focused and solutions oriented. We've seen this time and time again when teachers utilize VEX's co-curricular Classroom Competition, Swept Away.

This bundle includes everything needed for a complete robotics program for 24-30 students. The included Autodesk VEX Robotics curriculum helps educators start teaching with VEX, from the basics of engineering, robotics and design all the way up to a semester ending classroom competition using the included game, Swept Away.

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