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Storage Bin Lid & Tray (228-3036)
Storage Bin Lid & Tray (228-3036)
Storage Bin Lid & Tray (228-3036)

Storage Bin Lid & Tray

Sale price$44.99 CAD

Convenient storage bins and trays for VEX IQ items.

Storage Bin Tips & Tricks:

With a length more than capable of holding its largest parts, storage bins were designed to hold both VEX IQ and VEX EDR parts.

If inserted correctly, it is possible to place two sorting trays into the same storage bin. This allows for additional small parts to be neatly organized.

Bins are easily stackable when covered with the lid. The lid of the bin has a recessed area just large enough to hold the bottom of another bin, which aids in stability while stacked.

Holes in the bottom of the bin are designed to safely allow standing water to drain. The bottom of the bin is sloped to drain toward the holes so that users can easily wash and dry their parts in the bin.