Aged 11 - 13 Years Old

Lesson in a Box - Simple Robotics
Lesson in a Box - Simple Robotics
Lesson in a Box - Simple Robotics
Lesson in a Box - Simple Robotics

Lesson in a Box - Simple Robotics

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The Lesson in a Box (Simple Robotics) is a complete set of electronics and teaching resources to enable successful cross-curricular lessons with minimal teacher effort. Just add BBC micro:bits. Reference the Simple Robotics Kit for an idea on what an individual kit looks like and includes.

Note - There are 10 student and 1 teacher sets of Electronics (11 sets in total , micro:bit sold separately) supplied in a large reusable Gratnells tray.

In addition to electronics, this kit includes:
  • Instructions for teachers, technicians and classroom assistants.
  • Rick assessments, scope of work, and lesson plans
  • USB Stick with student instructions and worksheets, electronic versions of documentation, and code examples.
  • Templates for chassis (cardboard and adhesive not included)
  • Handy Gratnells tray for fast and simple storage

In developing this box we wanted it to be affordable, useful and robust enough for teachers to use again and again. All of the teaching resources are set out in a teacher, user-friendly' way, including technicians notes, lesson plans, resources and workbooks or worksheets. There is also an introduction to the Lesson in a Box kit that gives a overview of its contents, set up guides for technicians and an overview of the included lessons. As has been mentioned, this kit is cross-curricular and has been designed for DT, Computing & Physics.

The robots utilize the BBC micro:bit and a clip-able motor driver board designed specifically for this type of activity. The advantages of the micro:bit are that, while being easy to use, it is feature packed and it can be coded with languages that suit every ability level.
  • DT- Your robots are all about the design process.
  • Computing- Your robots are all about the robots code.
  • Physics Your robot is all about speed and velocity.
  • Enrichments & Open Days It's all about experimentation and fun.