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IQ Pneumatics Kit
IQ Pneumatics Kit

IQ Pneumatics Kit

Sale price$160.00 CAD

Currently out of stock as of 10/04/2023 - No ETA available.

Compatible with VEX IQ products and accessories - VIQRC legal.

This kit contains everything needed to get a classroom or VEX IQ Robotics Competition team up and running with Pneumatics.

Pneumatics deliver fast and powerful linear motion that is useful in a variety of applications. Use pneumatics to power your robot's claw, intake deployment, or any mechanism that requires quick motion. In particular, pneumatics are useful in applications requiring only two positions (open/closed, up/down, etc.).

Kit Contents:

  • (2) Pneumatic Control Units
  • (2) Air Tanks
  • (1) Pneumatic Pump
  • (4) Pneumatic Cylinders (Small)
  • (4) Pneumatic Cylinders (Large)
  • (1) Roll of 4mm tubing
  • (1) Case of pneumatic fittings


Fully compatible with IQ generation 2

Partially compatible with IQ generation 1, that is, it will be supported by VEXcode and you will have full control from a user program, however, it will not show in the devices screen (as vexos is not being updated). In addition, any future firmware updates would need a gen 2 brain to install.