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High Strength Shaft 2" Long (4-Pack) (276-3440)

High Strength Shaft 2" Long (4-Pack)

Sale price$7.99 CAD

Go Big or Go Home

Larger 1/4" shafts are tougher, stronger, and ready for even the most stressful robotic applications. These thicker shafts are more resistant to both twisting and bending fatigue, meaning that you should have no fear of designing high-torque gearboxes or high-impact drivetrains.

  • Works with all VEX High Strength Gears

  • Works with the 3.25" Omni Wheel and 3.25" Traction Wheel

  • Four lengths: 2", 3", 4", 12"

  • Use the 12" to make your own custom length shafts