Aged 11 - 13 Years Old

H2GP Sprint Launch Bundle
H2GP Sprint Launch Bundle
H2GP Sprint Launch Bundle
H2GP Sprint Launch Bundle

H2GP Sprint Launch Bundle

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The H2GP Sprint Launch Bundle includes 2 x H2GP Sprint Classroom Packs (12 hydrogen cars), with 2 x Practice Tracks added on free of charge. This means 24-48 students can explore the exciting world of hydrogen racing with their own dedicated practice tracks.

Unleash Innovation with the Fastest 1:20-scale Hydrogen Car in the World.
The H2GP SPRINT program boosts education to the next level – allowing students to extend their renewable energy engineering skills with a lightning-fast 1:20 scale SPRINT car.

Students are free to experiment with 3D design – updating the gear-to-wheel ratio, car weight distribution, or even designing the entire chassis with digital modelling software.

Step 1: Create
Students assemble every part of the H2GP Sprint car themselves, giving them an opportunity to understand the role each component plays.

They begin by preparing things like tubing, the hydrogen tank, battery pack and the electrolyzer. Once these are in place students can create their very own hydrogen and use this to generate electricity to power the car's motor.

Finally, students assemble the chassis, connecting the wheels, tires, fuel cell, motor and hydrogen gas tank to the car. After the components are assembled, they can test their own fully constructed, unique hydrogen-powered car!

Step 2: Race
Now it’s time to race! Students will naturally want to race one another, but the innovative SPRINT Curriculum provides a structure that combines racing with further learning. H2GP SPRINT racers use real-time data to continually analyze the optimal gear ratio, weight distribution, lubrication and position of motors in a quest to create the fastest possible car.

The curriculum provides them with digital tools for plotting race times and visualizing track time, informing the additional modifications students make to their cars.

Step 3: Innovate
Now that students have all the tools to modify their hydrogen-powered car, they’re free to follow their imagination and craft the fastest car possible. This includes redesigning the car chassis with the help of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) or producing their own unique car body.

Using the knowledge and skills they gained from the earlier part of the curriculum, students now become the designers, manufacturers, and producers of their own unique hydrogen vehicles.