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Envisioneer UPGRADE

Envisioneer Upgrade

Sale price$40.00 CAD

Envisioneer delivers unsurpassed power by integrating Home Design, 3D Modeling, Interior/Exterior Design, Landscaping, Working Drawings, Rendering, Animation and Estimating in one seamless solution. This professional solution offers a fast, easy-to-use drawing environment, incredible 3D imagery, and quick 3D navigation.

Fast, easy, accurate.

Envisioneer’s state-of-the-art technology drastically reduces the time needed to complete a building project. Point-and-click element insertion, instant 3D modeling and real-time navigation make designing, viewing and editing fast and easy. Any changes you make are reflected throughout the entire project, ensuring accuracy and consistency across the board.

Just point and click.
Insert everything from walls to appliances by simply clicking your mouse. Dynamic dimensions help you draw and position elements precisely.

Work in 2D or 3D.
Switch between 2D and 3D easily for instant visual feedback. Expand and edit your design in either mode for ultimate comfort and usability.

Design smarter.
Experience the benefit of active building elements. Envisioneer uses a virtual, intelligent, three-dimensional building model that far surpasses the limitations of simple and traditional graphic objects. This pioneering advance means that, for the first time, drawing objects are aware of their surroundings, and behave accordingly.