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IQ Distance Sensor (2nd Generation) PRE-Order

IQ Distance Sensor (2nd Generation) PRE-Order

Sale price$39.99 CAD

Compatible with VEX IQ products and accessories

VIQC legal.

The IQ Distance Sensor measures distance to an object, approximate object size and approach speed.

  • Range of 20mm to 200mm with an accuracy of +/‐15mm
  • Range of 20mm to 2,000mm with an accuracy of ~ 5%
  • Object size is reported as small, medium or large
  • Approach speed measures the approach speed of the object to the sensor

The IQ Distance Sensor uses a classroom safe Class 1 Laser, similar to those used on modern cell phones for head detection. The laser allows the sensor to have a very narrow field of view, so detection is always directly in front of the sensor.