Aged 11 - 13 Years Old

Cubelets for Education: Intrepid Investors Pack

Cubelets for Education: Intrepid Investors Pack

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Perfect for makerspaces, libraries, museums, or classrooms the Intrepid Inventor is the screen-free way to explore robotics, STEM, and computational thinking. Designed for flexibility, the Intrepid Inventor supports six or twelve working groups.

Supports up to 6–12 student-groups.
Perfect for classrooms & makerspaces.
Up to 26 Cubelets per student-group.
16 of 16 Cubelet types.

  • Compatible with screen-free lessons and activities.
  • Enables advanced robot building.
  • Tactile exploration of coding principles and computational thinking.
  • Includes 156 Cubelets.
  • Includes 48 Brick Adapters.
  • Includes two durable storage tubs.
  • Includes two multi-battery chargers.