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1/2" Hex x 0.159" ID ThunderHex Stock (36") 217-8631

1/2" Hex x 0.159" ID ThunderHex Stock (36") 217-8631

Sale price$35.49 CAD

1/2" Hex x 0.159" ID ThunderHex Stock (36")

ThunderHex Stock & Bearings will revolutionize the ways teams use hex shaft.

ThunderHex Stock works in all applications where 3/8" or 1/2" Hex Shaft will work and also includes rounded corners. These rounded corners allow the shaft to pilot inside a 10.25 or 13.75 mm round (ThunderHex) Bearing instead of a standard 1/2" Hex Bearing. This eliminates some difficult manufacturing tolerances and results in a MUCH smoother end result. Simply put, ThunderHex Bearings are the best way to create smooth-running hex shafts, and ThunderHex Stock helps you accomplish this without a lathe.

Also, since you're essentially putting a round peg in a round hole, no more struggling to align the hex of your shaft with the hex hole of your bearing.

All ThunderHex Stock also includes a subtle but very useful feature: a 0.201" hole through the center. This hole provides a clearance fit for a #10 bolt or can be tapped for 1/4-20 bolts. This means that you no longer need a precision lathe to create custom-length, high-strength standoffs; simply cut the ThunderHex shaft to size and tap it with a 1/4-20 (or 1/4-28) thread.

Note: Due to a manufacturing variance, our current inventory is slightly out of tolerance. The diameter of our 18" ThunderHex Stock is oversized by (on average) 0.0003". This results in a press-fit into ThunderHex round bearings. Users who need a looser fit should gently sand the rounded corners of the hex.