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Controller (228-2530)


Sale price$62.49 CAD

Remote Control for your Robot

Pair the Controller with a Robot Brain and gain full control of your robot.

The Controller is at the center of what makes VEX IQ robots fun to build and easy to use. VEX IQ allows you to build a robot and drive it immediately, giving instant success and testing the robot. Every kid already knows how to control a VEX IQ robot from playing video games. We bring that control to robots with a custom Controller made specifically for kids hands. The two analog joysticks give fine control for accurately driving and turning a robot, or raising an arm with precise control. Eight buttons provide additional robot control for closing a claw, or activating a mechanism.

What makes the VEX IQ Controller so smart?
At the heart of this controller is a Texas Instrument MSP430 microcontroller that reads the users inputs and transmits them wirelessly or thru the Tether port. It does all this while using very little power thanks to the Texas Instruments 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz radios. Additional power saving is achieved by automatically turning the Controller off when the robot is turned off, and vice versa. The result is 50+ hours of battery life. And you will probably never need to change the battery. A built in charger recharges the Controller thru its USB connector. Plug it into any USB wall adapter or PC. Additionally, when the Controller is tethered to the robot, it automatically charges the Controller. A complete recharge only takes 2.5 hours. All this technology works together to make a Controller that is simple, flexible, and powerful.