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Colson Performa (3.5" x 1.25", 1/2" Hex bore) (217-4048)

Colson Performa (3.5" x 1.25", 1/2" Hex bore)

Sale price$16.99 CAD

Colson Performa (3.5" x 1.25", 1/2" Hex bore)

Colson Performa (1 of 10 choices)

Colson Performa wheels are some of the most widely used and recognizable wheels in large-scale competition robotics. Originally designed for industrial material handling applications, their ideal balance of traction and durability make them a natural fit for our uniquely demanding environment.

When VEX Robotics engineers combined their experience on the playing field with Colson Caster's top wheel designers, the result was simple and effective: light-weight VEXpro hex hubs molded directly into the same Colson molds that teams have been using for years.

Durable, high-traction wheels

Wide variety of sizes fit in any application

Integrated plastic hex hubs

NOTE: In order to ensure a high performing interface to minimize backlash between the Colson Performa wheel and its driving shaft, the 1/2" hex is sized to be a little tighter than a standard sliding fit. For normally sized hex and ThunderHex shafts, these should still be installed by hand, with a little work. Concerns & questions on hex fit should be directed to