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3 CIM Ball Shifter + 3rd Stage (No Cylinder) (217-3268)

3 CIM Ball Shifter + 3rd Stage (No Cylinder)

Sale price$162.99 CAD

3 CIM Ball Shifter + 3rd Stage (No Cylinder):

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VEXpro Ball Shifters provide a battle-proven 2-speed gearbox for easy integration into any FIRST ® Robotics Competition robot drivetrain. The 3 CIM Ball Shifter is the ultimate solution for a two-speed transmission in a competition robot. By utilizing a ball-lock style shifter, this gearbox is capable of “on-the-fly” shifting even when at full throttle. The VEXpro 3 CIM Ball Shifter includes mounting for one, two, or three CIM-style motors.

The Ball Shifter’s lightweight plastic housing includes several features for face mounting as well as hex-nuts embedded in its sides which allow for edge mounting. The housing includes internal features which will keep motor screws from dropping inside the gearbox while they’re being installed.

Every aspect of this transmission was designed with size in mind; this puts a 2-speed transmission into a tiny, lightweight form factor. The ball lock shifting method reduces the gap between the two gear reductions and allows for an extremely narrow assembly. The gear reductions were specifically chosen to reduce the overall transmission size and complexity while remaining highly efficient due to the AGMA 11 quality gears with teflon infused ceramic coating.

Multiple gearing options allow users to change the shifting spread between high & low gears to one of three options: 2.16x, 2.65x, and 3.68x.

The 3 CIM Ball Shifter comes standard as a 2-stage gearbox, but includes options for designers to include a 3rd gear stage for larger reductions; in this setup designers can also customize the overall gearbox ratio by choosing between four different 3rd stage gearsets (64:20, 60:24, 54:30, 50:34).

The 3rd stage output plate is shaped to allow for configurations in which wheels are directly mounted on the gearbox output shaft. This makes this gearbox well suited for West Coast-style drivetrains.

•Designed for up to three CIM-style motors or gearboxes
•Ball-lock shifter method enables smooth shifting, even at full speed
•Housing is completely enclosed - keeps metal chips out, grease in
•Face mount using standard mounting holes
•Side mount using the embedded hex nuts for easier integration into your design
•Assembly Required, see for more details.