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15T Bevel Gear with 3/8" Hex Bore (217-3344)

15T Bevel Gear with 3/8" Hex Bore

Sale price$32.99 CAD

15T Bevel Gear with 3/8" Hex Bore

The "standard" swerve drive bevel gear - now with black nitride coating for superior performance.

As time passes and experience grows within the FRC community, previously complicated build techniques are becoming more commonplace. Coaxial swerve drives, once attempted by only the most elite of teams, are now a well documented and accessible solution. Most coaxial swerve drives utilize a bevel gear pair as part of their design. After surveying FRC teams, we found almost everyone is using the same gear.

These 15-tooth 12 DP bevel gears will drop perfectly into a custom designed coaxial swerve module (swerve module NOT included), or will work great for designers looking to transfer torque through a right-angle gearbox.