Classroom Competitions

Get your students involved in competitions that happen right in your classroom! And because these classroom challenges don't require the participation of anyone else outside the class, you can start the competitions based on your schedule!

Classroom Competition

Vex go Challenge

The VEX GO Classroom Challenge is a competition that takes place right in your classroom! Students are introduced to the world of competitive robotics by participating in both individual and classroom challenges that are tailor-made for elementary students. Your students will go head-to-head in online challenges that drive them to put their STEM skills to the test in a uniquely engaging setting.

The VEX GO Classroom Challenge has four (4) Levels: Level 1 is Getting Started, Level 2: Building, Level 3: Programming, and a Level 4 is a culminating challenge that will allow students to apply their learning in a creative way. Teams may complete one or more of these levels to earn Digital

Badges and Achievement Awards. Rewarding students for not only producing exceptional work, but also for teamwork, persistence, patience, and other soft skills is the goal of the reward system for the VEX GO Classroom Challenge.


Vex GO Competition

The VEX GO Competition is designed to bring the excitement and engagement of robotics competitions to every elementary student. It provides educators a great opportunity to do STEM and project-based learning. The challenges are an extension to those found in the STEM Labs and Activities allowing students to apply their learning with new and exciting challenges. Educators can choose one of four different themed games, which are fun for students while also providing a real-world context.

The GO Competition Kit contains everything you need to build any of the 4 themed games with your VEX GO Competition Kits, such as the Village theme, where students build robots to assist in building homes for a new village, while helping to set up critical infrastructure. What’s fantastic about these competition kits is that the games will stay the same every year, so no additional costs are necessary once purchased.


Classroom Competitions


Each VEX IQ Classroom Bundle contains everything you need to participate in the VEX IQ STEM Games within your classroom, including configurable game fields and game objects. These fields assemble quickly in a variety of shapes and sizes, perfect for any classroom layout. The 2nd Generation STEM Lab Games are used as a tool to test the students’ understanding of what they learned in the previous lessons within that unit. STEM Games are seamlessly embedded into STEM Labs to challenge your students to apply their STEM learning in a friendly, fun, and challenging set of robot games.


Classroom Competitions

Vex EXP Stem Games

Like the VEX IQ STEM Games, each of the EXP classroom bundles comes with everything you need to participate in the VEX EXP STEM Games within your classroom. These robot games are embedded in the STEM Labs so that it will be manageable for educators and motivational for students. The STEM Labs for the EXP product are still under development and will be released shortly along with the STEM Games.


VEX V5 Workcell Classroom Competition

VEX Factory Automation Competition

The VEX Factory Automation Competition (FAC) is completely remote, meaning teams from around the world can compete for the best throughput and runtime from their own classrooms. Teams design, build and program a manufacturing Workcell to complete the four Competition Phases. So, for example, for phase one, you must sort and deliver all disks by color to the correct loading zone and for each disk that arrives at the correct loading zone, your team would score 1 point.


Since the Factory Automation Competition is classroom based, the REC Foundation has created a ranking system to allow teams to compete against themselves as well as other organizations. Teams will video record a Production Run with an explanation of the processes and how they function to achieve the Competition Phase Challenge. In order to be ranked globally, teams must upload a video submission of their production run to verify the team’s score. The FAC also evolves annually so students will be able to reconfigure their Workcell to fit the new objective each year, without the need for new hardware. Competition registration comes included with the purchase of a V5 Workcell for the first year but must be purchased separately every year following.