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Schools out and summers in! But, before you dive full swing into summer break, here is a back-to-school checklist of some things that you can complete to ease the preparation required at the beginning of next school year. 






Did you find yourself constantly tidying up your classroom at the end of every day or week? It’s time to get and stay organized throughout the next school year! Staying organized in the classroom can be overwhelming if you don't put in place the right tools or rules. So, let’s get you organized! There are many different types of storage solutions to help you reduce the chaos and improve focus with an improved learning environment. Check out some of our solutions.

Restock some supplies

Take an inventory of the items left in your classroom and make a list of all the items that you’ll need to restock before the start of the year. This’ll save you later on from buying things that you already have plenty of because you have summer-brain fog! And don’t forget to check out this blog on how to estimate your 3d printing filament needs before the data disappear. 

Update your class rules & expectations 

If you’ve had years to fine tune your classroom’s rules and expectations, then you’ll be lucky enough to skip this one! But for those of you who constantly had difficulties with students’ behaviours, it may be time to review and revise your rules and expectations. This is an essential part of classroom management and sets the expectation for students right from the beginning. It’s a great idea to create a few different routines that you expect students to follow daily such as during dismissals, lunches, or breaks. 

Update your class’s online website

For those of you that use Schoology or Google Classroom, take some time to tidy up your lessons and assignments for the next year. Declutter your online resources, organize your files, and remove any information specific to this past year. You likely don’t have your student list for next year; however, if you happen to be lucky enough to have this in hand, you can set up your class and populate your next year’s roster. 

Create or update your classroom décor

Your classroom doesn’t have to be Pinterest-worthy, but it should promote a positive learning environment for your students. Remember that over decorating your classroom can take away from learning, so you must have a happy balance. Posters that act as visual aids to student such as maps and diagrams are great to help reinforce what you are teaching. Bulletin board displays can also be updated with your new rules and expectations, calendars, or even with class syllabuses. Want to get creative? 3D print items to be used around the classroom: pencil holders or a teacher name plate are great ways to start. Or laser cut and engrave some student awards to give away throughout the next school year. 


Don’t have these edtech products yet? Check out these 3D Printers and Laser Cutters.

Take a Course / Advance your Professional Development


Learn the principles of computer science, computational thinking, and programming concepts with the BBC micro:bit. These professional development courses are free to access and designed to take the stress out of your computing responsibilities. They are aimed at teachers and educators supporting primary/elementary students.


Obtain a 3D printing certification for educators. After completing this course, educators will be able to prove their expertise in 3D printing and stand out as STEM education leader! Note that access to a MakerBot 3D printer is required in order to earn your certificate. If you need to purchase a 3D printer, the SKETCH Classroom includes 2 educator certification licenses and 10 student certification licenses. 


Watch one of our webinars on 3D Printing and VEX Robotics. 


Reach out to us for custom training opportunities for educators to learn how to teach computer science in a less intimidating environment without prior technology experience. The only prerequisite for these training sessions is that teachers know how to drag and drop items on a computer. Contact us to learn more 

Write down some ideas for your first day 

Maybe you are teaching a new grade? Maybe you just simply want to try something new? Try brainstorming 3 or 4 ideas that you can reflect on again in August for how to begin your first day of classes with students. Whether you choose to do an ice breaker game, go over rules and expectations first thing, or organize a scavenger hunt, preparing for the first day activity is just as important as lesson planning. 

Map out a general outline for next year

What went well this year and what didn’t go as planned? You may be able to reuse many of your lesson plans from this past year, but some things may need to change if they didn’t go as planned or if there is new curriculum to implement. If you used a planner throughout this past school year, work backwards to note deadlines such as when you’ll need to complete report cards, assessments, assignments etc. 

Create your August To-Do List

This list is all-but exhaustive and we know that it is just a drop in the bucket compared to the remaining items that you’ll need to prepare. So, before you officially sign off before heading on your summer break, take a moment to scribble down your to-do list for all the remaining items left to do before back to school. This list can act as your running list throughout the summer as new ideas come to mind. Simply write it down and forget about it until you’re ready to begin prepping again!