Vex V5 Workcell

Recommended for Grade 9+

Walk into a factory today and you'll most likely find a robot, or robotic arm, doing work on the production line. A workcell is a construction system for a 5-axis robotic arm, conveyors, and sensors and the VEX V5 Workcell is an introduction into the world of industrial robotics for students. Nearly all products manufactured in the world today utilize some form of mechanization, many of which include robotic workcells. The VEX V5 Workcell was developed specifically for Career and Technical Education (CTE) and provides students with the opportunity to develop technical and problem-solving skills by building and programming a simulated manufacturing workcell. Students gain foundational knowledge on concepts such as building with metal and electronics, the Cartesian coordinate system, how a robotic arm moves in 3D space, code reuse, variables, 2D Lists, sensor feedback for automation, conveyor systems, and many more.

The V5 Workcell comes with free, easy to follow STEM lessons that align with educational standards. These STEM Labs provide all the resources and support that educators need to teach the foundational industrial robotic concepts of the V5 Workcell successfully to their students. Furthermore, a study found that CTE students using VEX Robotics kits earned manufacturing industry certifications 50% faster than other students.

New Competition, using Workcell Hardware

In addition to building foundational skills in the classroom, take part in The Factory Automation Competition (FAC). The FAC is a completely remote classroom-based competition where teams design, build and program a manufacturing Workcell to compete for the best throughput and runtime. The FAC also evolves annually so students will be able to reconfigure their Workcell to fit the new objective each year, without the need for new hardware.

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