Vex Robotics Competition


VEX Robotics Competition (VEX V5)

VEX V5 is part of the global VEX Robotics Competition where middle school, high school, and college/ university students participate in competitions with more than 20,000 teams from all over the world. This robotics competition is one of the biggest and fastest growing robotics competitions in the world. In 2021, the VEX Robotics Competition set a Guinness Record for the largest online robot championship, which included over 1400 teams, all participating remotely! The great part about the VEX competitions is the number of resources available to you such as forums, Facebook groups, and like-minded people, so you and your students can become part of a community. VEX competition is a huge and passionate community. It drives students to want to learn more and be better, and the excitement is unmatched.


Spin Up

This year’s competition is called Spin Up and points are scored by scoring disks, or spinning foam rollers mounted to the field perimeter. Hundreds of competition events are held annually around the world where teams can participate in a variety of skill-based and judged events, like demonstrating a Programming Skills autonomous routine or presenting a STEM Research Project. By attending these competition events, your team has the chance to qualify to attend the 2023 VEX Robotics World Championship, which will be in Dallas, Texas.

Teams compete in the Robot Skills Competition where one robot takes the field to score as many points as possible. These matches consist of Solo Driving Skills Matches, Cooperative Driving for two teams, and Coding Skills Matches, which are autonomous with limited human interaction. The flagship Teamwork Challenge emphasizes the value of collaboration over combat by pairing randomly selected teams together to achieve the highest combined score possible.




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VIQC Blank Team Number Plate (2-Pack)  (228-7401)
VEX IQ Challenge Field Perimeter & Tiles (Full 6'x8' Field)  (228-7396)
Competition Add-On Kit (228-3600)
VEX RoboticsCompetition Add-On Kit
SKU: 228-3600
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VIQC Pitching In 2021-2022 Full Field & Game Element Kit  (228-7053)
VRC Tipping Point  Full Field & Game Element Kit  (276-7048)
VEX IQ Challenge Field Upgrade Kit  (228-7395)
Competition Field Perimeter Kit (278-1501)Competition Field Perimeter Kit (278-1501)
VEX RoboticsCompetition Field Perimeter Kit
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VIQC 2020-2021 Rise Above - Game Objects & Field Elements (228-6503)
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VRC Anti-Static Full Field Tile Kit (276-7175)
VRC 2020-2021 Change Up - Game Elements (276-6498)
V5 Competition Starter Kit (276-7030)V5 Competition Starter Kit (276-7030)
VEX RoboticsV5 Competition Starter Kit
SKU: 276-7030
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VEX IQ Challenge Half Field Perimeter & Tiles (228-3051)
VRC Change Up - Scoring Element Kit (PN:276-6639)
Field Perimeter Rubber Foot (20-pack) (276-5156)
10" VRC Trophy (Award Plate not included) (276-1309)
Cube Kit (228-4967)
VEX RoboticsCube Kit
SKU: 228-4967
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On-Field Robot Expansion Sizing Tool (276-5942)
VRC License Plate Kit (276-3938)
VEX RoboticsVRC License Plate Kit
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VEX IQ Competition Kit  (228-7980)
VEX RoboticsVEX IQ Competition Kit
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VEX IQ Field Tile (228-4832)
VEX RoboticsVEX IQ Field Tile
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12"  VRC Trophy (Award Plate not included) (276-1310)
VEX RoboticsAward Date Plate (VEX V5)
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VEX IQ Challenge Small Trophy (228-3171)