Recommended for Grade 6+

The VEX IQ robotics kit allows students to easily build precise robots with multiple sensors. VEX IQ provides novice users a chance to find success quickly, while still being able to challenge more advanced users. VEX IQ is an affordable snap-together robotics system and is one of VEX’s most popular products. Students can build a simple, yet powerful robot to explore open‐ended and real-world challenges. In addition, the handheld controller that come with the VEX IQ Kits and Bundles removes barriers to entry into robotics as it allows students to drive their creations as soon as they finish building their robots.

Educators continue to choose VEX IQ from year to year because it takes complicated engineering concepts and turns them into approachable lessons that increases student engagement and makes lessons feel more real. Transferrable skills such as teamwork, problem solving, and leadership come naturally to students using the VEX IQ system as they learn about motors, sensors, coding, and other engineering concepts. As students grow older and are ready to build on the fundamentals of what they've learned, they can move into the VEX EXP system.


In addition to classroom learning, VEX IQ robotics is a world-leading robotics competition for elementary and middle school kids. The VEX IQ Challenge provides elementary and middle school students with an exciting challenge and allows students to compete at many different levels including your community, region, and the ultimate experience, at the VEX World championships. Experiencing STEM in a competitive context increases student engagement and gives students a challenging outlet to apply all this new knowledge.

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VEX IQ Education Kit (2nd generation) (228-8899)
VEX IQ Small Classroom Bundles (2nd generation)
VEX IQ Classroom Bundles (2nd generation)
VEX IQ Large Classroom Bundles (2nd generation)
VIQC Blank Team Number Plate (2-Pack)  (228-7401)
200mm Travel Omni-Directional Wheel (2-pack) (228-2536)
VEX IQ Challenge Field Perimeter & Tiles (Full 6'x8' Field)  (228-7396)
Competition Add-On Kit (228-3600)
VEX RoboticsCompetition Add-On Kit
SKU: 228-3600
Sale price$154.99 CAD
No reviews
Smart Motor (228-2560)
VEX RoboticsSmart Motor
SKU: 228-2560
Sale price$31.99 CAD
No reviews
Rubber Shaft Collar (30-pack) (228-3510)Rubber Shaft Collar (30-pack) (228-3510)
VIQC 2020-2021 Rise Above - Game Objects & Field Elements (228-6503)
Long Shaft Add-On Pack (228-4420)
VEX RoboticsLong Shaft Add-On Pack
SKU: 228-4420
Sale price$15.99 CAD
No reviews
Shaft Add-On Kit (228-3057)
VEX RoboticsShaft Add-On Kit
SKU: 228-3057
Sale price$15.99 CAD
No reviews
VEX IQ Challenge Field Upgrade Kit  (228-7395)
Controller Battery (228-2779)
VEX RoboticsController Battery
SKU: 228-2779
Sale price$15.99 CAD
No reviews
VEX IQ Pin Tool (228-4035)VEX IQ Pin Tool (228-4035)
VEX RoboticsVEX IQ Pin Tool
SKU: 228-4035
Sale price$10.99 CAD
No reviews
Smart Motor Mount Add-On Pack (228-4034)
Chain Add-On Pack (228-4983)
VEX RoboticsChain Add-On Pack
SKU: 228-4983
Sale price$27.99 CAD
No reviews
Smart Cable (6-Pack) (228-2780)
VEX RoboticsSmart Cable (6-Pack)
SKU: 228-2780
Sale price$15.99 CAD
No reviews
Robot Brain (228-2540)
VEX RoboticsRobot Brain
SKU: 228-2540
Sale price$154.99 CAD
No reviews
Gear Add on Kit (228-2532)Gear Add on Kit (228-2532)
VEX RoboticsGear Add on Kit
SKU: 228-2532
Sale price$23.99 CAD
No reviews
Shaft Base Pack (228-3506)
VEX RoboticsShaft Base Pack
SKU: 228-3506
Sale price$5.99 CAD
No reviews
Smart Cable Anchor (20-Pack) (228-6519)
Silicone Rubber Band #64 (10-pack) (228-6634)