Vex 123

Recommended for Pre-K+

VEX 123 is a robotic program for students in grades Pre-K+. The VEX 123 robot allows students to easily manipulate a robot and learn to code through physical coding cards or the VEXcode 123 program. This palm-sized robot is perfect for young minds to begin hands-on learning, since it is pre-built so there’s no building needed. It helps students focus and stay engaged in the lesson. The VEX 123 robot promotes active learning and teaches social-emotional skills to help children manage their feelings and show empathy for others, when following the included curriculum. And of course, it also teaches math, coding, and literacy. VEX 123 allows young students to easily get started with basic programming through the included projects and fun activities, such as village rescue, storytelling, emotion and behavior discovery games, numeracy, manipulatives, and a science expedition to mars.

Educators need to spend no more than 5 minutes unpacking, reading the teacher's notes, and then beginning the lesson. VEX 123 offers a wealth of resources and curricular support to enable you to infuse Computer Science concepts into your learning space easily, creatively, and confidently. Moreover, the VEX 123 can be used in 3 different ways, increasing in difficulty to meet students at their level or allow educators to provide more challenging tasks to advanced learners. Combine art and literacy with coding to create interactive lessons for young minds.

Once kids master the VEX 123, they can seamlessly transition to the VEX GO.



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VEX RoboticsVEX 123 Robot and Coder Bundle
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3 colors available

VEX 123 FieldVEX 123 Field
VEX RoboticsVEX 123 Field
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VEX RoboticsVEX 123 Large Classroom Bundle
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VEX PD+ All Access (210-8353)VEX Professional Development Plus (VEX PD+) (PN 210-8353)