For Competitions or Advanced Robotics 

The VEX V5 robotics kit allows students to easily build precise robots with multiple sensors. VEX V5 is a STEM learning system designed to allow students to build, code, and drive a robot they’ll use in competitions. It consists of both metal and plastic pieces that can be fastened with screws, nuts, and bolts. The VEX V5 system includes versatile elements that take the frustration out of engineering for novice users, while still providing experienced users with endless design possibilities. Students can work creatively with concepts to think differently and come up with new ideas. Easily get started with one of the 12+ tested and proven robot builds and 12+ STEM activities to align with your curriculum.

Be Part of the Competitive Robotics Community

VEX V5 is part of the global VEX robotics competition where middle school, high school, and college/university students participate in competitions with teams from all over the world. VEX competition is a huge and passionate community. It drives students to want to learn more and be better, and the excitement is unmatched.

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V5 Classroom Starter Kit (276-7010)V5 Classroom Starter Kit (276-7010)
VEX RoboticsV5 Classroom Starter Kit
SKU: 276-7010
Sale price$1,056.99 CAD
No reviews
V5 Competition Starter Kit (276-7030)V5 Competition Starter Kit (276-7030)
VEX RoboticsV5 Competition Starter Kit
SKU: 276-7030
Sale price$1,616.99 CAD
No reviews
V5 Robot Battery (276-4811)
VEX RoboticsV5 Robot Battery
SKU: 276-4811
Sale price$96.99 CAD
No reviews
V5 Smart Motor (276-4840)
VEX RoboticsV5 Smart Motor
SKU: 276-4840
Sale price$62.99 CAD
No reviews
Classroom and Competition Super Kit (276-3000)
V5 Claw Kit (276-6010)
VEX RoboticsV5 Claw Kit
SKU: 276-6010
Sale price$30.99 CAD
No reviews
Engineering Notebook (276-3023)
VEX RoboticsEngineering Notebook
SKU: 276-3023
Sale price$14.99 CAD
No reviews
Drive Shaft 12" (4-pack) (276-1149)
VEX RoboticsDrive Shaft 12" (4-pack)
SKU: 276-1149
Sale price$13.99 CAD
No reviews
Bearing Flat (10-pack) (276-1209)
VEX RoboticsBearing Flat (10-pack)
SKU: 276-1209
Sale price$7.99 CAD
No reviews
V5 Motor 36:1 Cartridge (100 RPM) (276-5840)
V5 Smart Cable Stock (25 feet) (276-5774)
Aluminum C-Channel 1x3x1x35 (6-pack) (276-4359)
Tank Tread Upgrade Kit (276-2214)Tank Tread Upgrade Kit (276-2214)
VEX RoboticsTank Tread Upgrade Kit
SKU: 276-2214
Sale price$38.99 CAD
No reviews
V5 Smart Cable Connectors (50-pack) (276-5775)
2-Wire Motor 393 (276-2177)
VEX Robotics2-Wire Motor 393
SKU: 276-2177
Sale price$23.99 CAD
No reviews
Aluminum Angle 2x2x35 (6-pack) (276-2304)
Nut 8-32 Keps (100-pack) (275-1026)
VEX RoboticsNut 8-32 Keps (100-pack)
SKU: 275-1026
Sale price$4.99 CAD
No reviews
Nylon Spacer Variety Pack (275-1066)
VEX RoboticsNylon Spacer Variety Pack
SKU: 275-1066
Sale price$7.99 CAD
No reviews
V5 Motor 6:1 Cartridge (600 RPM) (276-5842)
Screw 8-32 x 0.500  (100-pack) (275-1004)Screw 8-32 x 0.500  (100-pack) (275-1004)
Rubber Shaft Collar (30-pack) (228-3510)Rubber Shaft Collar (30-pack) (228-3510)
High Strength Shaft Bearing (10-Pack) (276-3521)
Nut 8-32 Nylock (100-pack) (275-1027)
VEX RoboticsNut 8-32 Nylock (100-pack)
SKU: 275-1027
Sale price$5.99 CAD
No reviews
Long Shaft Add-On Pack (228-4420)
VEX RoboticsLong Shaft Add-On Pack
SKU: 228-4420
Sale price$15.99 CAD
No reviews