Primary (Pre-K to Gr.1)

It’s never too early to inspire a young mind. The earlier that your students are exposed to STEM-learning, the more interested and enthusiastic they’ll be, which will boost their confidence level. Teaching young minds STEM teaches more than just the subjects themselves; it gives students an opportunity to build curiosity, ask new questions, and begin thinking outside the box. As an early childhood educator, you may want to teach coding, literacy, math, or social-emotional learning – all of which can be taught using many of the STEM-educational products listed below.



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VEX RoboticsVEX 123 Robot and Coder Bundle
SKU: 248-7611
Sale price$160.00 CAD
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3 colors available

Ozobot Evo Classroom Kit (18-bots)Ozobot Evo Classroom Kit (18-bots)
OzobotOzobot Evo Classroom Kit (18-bots)
SKU: 051810-01-03
Sale price$3,949.00 CAD
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Inspired Inventors Educator Pack
CubeletsInspired Inventors Educator Pack
SKU: 855165004444
Sale price$5,460.00 CAD
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OSEPP 101 Sensor Basics Starter Kit (SENS-01)OSEPP 101 Sensor Basics Starter Kit (SENS-01)
OSEPPOSEPP 101 Sensor Basics Starter Kit
Sale price$165.99 CAD
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MakerBot SKETCH ClassroomMakerBot SKETCH Classroom
MakerbotMakerBot SKETCH Classroom
SKU: SketchClassroom
Sale price$2,699.00 CAD
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Brilliant Builder Pack
CubeletsBrilliant Builder Pack
SKU: 855165004604
Sale price$699.99 CAD
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Ozobot Evo Educator Entry KitOzobot Evo Educator Entry Kit
OzobotOzobot Evo Educator Entry Kit
SKU: OZO-070301-US
Sale price$232.90 CAD
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Cubelets for Education: Motivated Makers
CubeletsCubelets for Education: Motivated Makers
Sale price$2,739.99 CAD
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VEX 123 Large Classroom Bundle (248-7821) PRE-ORDER
VEX RoboticsVEX 123 Large Classroom Bundle
SKU: 248-7821
Sale price$3,597.00 CAD
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VEX 123 Classroom Bundle (for 24 students) (248-7820) PRE-ORDER
MakerBot SKETCH 3D PrinterMakerBot SKETCH 3D Printer
MakerbotMakerBot SKETCH 3D Printer
SKU: SketchKit
Sale price$1,799.00 CAD
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3Doodler Start Learning Packs (6 Pens)
3Doodler Start Learning Packs (12 Pens)
3Doodler Start Alphabet Learning Kit 3D printer pen3Doodler Start Alphabet Learning Kit 3D printer pen
3Doodler Start Essential Pen Set 3D printer pen filament
VEX 123 Small Classroom Bundle (for 12 students) (248-7355) PRE-ORDER
Mini Makers Educator Pack
CubeletsMini Makers Educator Pack
SKU: 855165004420
Sale price$1,946.00 CAD
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SKU: 153021
Sale price$11.50 CAD
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SKU: 153019
Sale price$54.50 CAD
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SKU: 153025
Sale price$22.50 CAD
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MakedoMakedo INVENT
SKU: A0360
Sale price$219.00 CAD
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SCRU 180SCRU 180
MakedoSCRU 180
SKU: 153026
Sale price$22.50 CAD
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SCRU+ 120SCRU+ 120
MakedoSCRU+ 120
SKU: 153027
Sale price$22.50 CAD
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