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VEX V5 Curriculum at STEM Labs requires the V5 Claw Kit

VEX V5 Curriculum at STEM Labs requires the V5 Claw Kit

VEX Robotics V5 STEM Labs meets these Educational Standards...

VEX Robotics V5 STEM Labs meets these Educational Standards:

  • Educational Standards meet the following:
  • Standards for Technological Literacy (STL)
  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • TEKS

Through 5 units that cover Science, Math, Programming, Arts & Engineering; students learn essential concepts such as: Engineering Design, Engineering Notebook, Iterative Design, Mathematical Reasoning, Proportional Reasoning, Programming Robot, Behaviors, Request for Proposal process, Collaborative Design Process, Mechanical advantage, Speed, Torque, ​​​​​​​Gear Ratio, Analytical Thinking, Center of Gravity, Acceleration, Testing & Data Collection, Vision Sensor.

You can find the complete curriculum here:

The units are available in the following formats: Web, PDF, PPT and Offline.  The offline is an excellent option for schools since it allows the users to download complete lessons onto their own computer or server, thus eliminating the need to get your students online.

V5 Claw Kit

The Claw Kit is an essential element used in the STEM Labs units.  This Claw Kit ships only with the Classroom Kits.  If you purchased the competition super kit and would like to use the curriculum, the list below highlights the missing components and the solutions to each - Note: you will need to order some parts which are listed below: 

Missing: 3.5" Shaft x1 - Solution: Cut from 276-1149 or order 228-3506 

Missing: 4" Shafts x1 - Solution: Cut from 276-1149 or order 228-3506 

Missing: 12T Metal Pinion Insert - Solution: Comes with 276-2251 which is included in Super Kit.

Missing: 2x2x2x20 Steel U-Channels x3 - Solution: 2x2x2x20 Aluminum U-Channel (6-pack) 276-7285

Missing: 1x2x1x15 Steel C-Channels x2 - Solution: Cut from 276-2288

Missing: 1x2x1x25 Steel C-Channels x2 - Solution: 1x2x1x25 Aluminum C-Channel (6-pack) 276-2288

Missing: 2x2x14x20 Steel Angles x2 - Solution: Cut and notch from 275-1142  2x2x25 Steel Angle (4-pack)

Part list to order:










Click this link for a detailed quote and table to show requirements.


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