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VEX IQ Step by Step Build Instructions

VEX IQ Step by Step Build Instructions

10 VEX IQ Robot Builds. You can build anyone of these builds with a VEX IQ Super Kit

12 VEX IQ Robot Builds. You can build with a VEX IQ Super Kit (1st generation)


Hero Bot for the 2021-22 VEX IQ challenge game, Pitching In. Download Instructions.



Hero Bot for the 2020-21 VEX IQ challenge game, Rise Above. Download Instructions.




Hero Bot for the 2019-20 VEX IQ challenge game, Squared Away. Download Instructions.




Hero Bot for the 2018-19 VEX IQ challenge game, Next Level. Download Instructions.




Hero Bot for the 2017-18 VEX IQ challenge game, Ringmaster. Download Instructions.




Fun robotic alligator and code her to walk with motorized legs. Download Instructions.



Robotic forklift that can be coded to scoop, lift, and carry objects. Download Instructions.



Fun pusher robot with a plow extension that can collect and push objects. Download Instructions.




Fun clawbot variation with personality that can travel and grasp objects. Download Instructions.


Armbot IQ


Robotic arm clawbot that moves on two axes: one axis moves the arm from side to side, and a second axis lift the arm up and down. Download Instructions.



Fun dinosaur Clawbot T-Rex with moving legs, arms and jaw. Download Instructions.


Clawbot IQ


The standard build for VEX IQ. Download Instructions.

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