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V5 Workcell Kit Storage - Bin 3: Competition Hardware

V5 Workcell Kit Storage - Bin 3: Competition Hardware

Storage Bin 3: Base

Part Photo Part Number Quantity Location
Red 5x Pitch Weighted Disk RedWeightedDisk.png 228-3445-2250 11 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
Green 5x Pitch Weighted Disk GreenWeightedDisk.png 228-3450-2250 11 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
Blue 5x Pitch Weighted Disk BlueWeightedDisk.png 228-3196-2250 11 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
Additional High Strength Chain HighStrengthChain.png 276-2172-001 180 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
Transport conveyor links TransportConveyorLink.png 276-7141-001 180 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
Gear Kit Gear_kit.jpg 276-2169 1 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
30T High Strength Sprocket 30TSprocket.png 276-3880 8 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
Red VRC License Plate Red_license_plate.jpg 276-3938-002 1 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
License Plate Alphabet Sheet Alphabet.png 276-3936-001 1 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
High Strength Chain Attachment Link HighStrengthChain.png 276-7578 180 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
15x30 Base Plate 15x30BasePlate.png 276-1341-003 3 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
5x15 Steel Plate 5x15Plate.png 275-2023-001 2 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
2x2x25 Angle 2x2x25Angle.png 276-2232-022 2 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
1x1x30 Steel Slotted Mirror AngleSlotted1x1x30Mirror.png 276-2232-025 2 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
5x25 Steel Plate 5x25Plate.png 275-1140-001 2 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
1x2x1x15 Steel C-Channel 1x2x1x15C-Channel.png 276-2232-028 2 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
1x2x1x25 Steel C-Channel 1x2x1x25C-Channel.png 276-2232-029 2 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
1x2x1x20 Steel C-Channel 1x2x1x20C-Channel.png 276-2600-003 4 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
2x2x2x20 U Channel 2x2x2x20_U_Channel.png 276-6009-001 1 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
2x2x20 Steel Angle 2x2x20SteelAngle.png 276-2600-001 2 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png
1x25 Steel Bar 1x25SteelBar.png 275-1141 8 VEX_IQ_Bin--glow.png


Once all of the parts from the Workcell Kit have been placed into the base of Storage Bin 3, the base will look like this image.

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